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The company is an official dealer of the «Innovative timber industry enterprise»

About the Enterprise

Russia, 162107, The Vologda Region, Kadnikov, Klenovaya, 4. Telephones: (817-33) 4-18-14; 4-12-43.

The limited company – timber industry enterprise “Technowood” is the assign of the joint enterprise “Technowood” which was founded in 1992 on the basis of the Kadnikov’s timber industry enterprise and dealt with the export of woodworking production.
In 1998 the owner was replaced and the corporation “Technowood” was organized.
The enterprise has a drying system – two chambers of the Italian firm COROL (80 m 3 in volume), the sections of adzing and packing are fit up with the Italian equipment.
The saw shop is equipped with the Finnish power-saw bench KARO.
This equipment makes it possible to produce and realize the high-quality woodworking output both in Russia and abroad.

With respect,
Korolyov Sergey Dmitrievitch,
the general manager.

Our Production

The limited company ‘Technowood’ is glad to offer you the woodworking wares of its own production, and also the houses made of profile beam.
The company is an official dealer of the “Innovative timber industry enterprise”, one of the largest and the most stable developing wood enterprises of the Vologda region.
We offer you the production from Velikiy Ustug, the homeland of the Russian Father Christmas.
The north wood wares are notable for their heightened hardness, quality of woodworking and wonderful design. The quality, terms of fulfillment and respect for customer’s interests are the main criteria of our work.

Profile board (eurostandard):

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Standard (12,5 mm thick, 96 mm wide)
Measures Length mm. Price, rouble/items with VAT
Sort «A» Sort «B» Sort «C»
m3 2100; 2400; 2700; 3000 8700 7700 4500
m3 3300; 3600; 3900 8700
m3 1000; 1200; 1500; 1800 7500 6300

Blockhouse (19; 25 mm thick, 110; 98 mm wide)
Measures Length, mm Price, rouble/items with VAT
Sort «A» Sort «B» Sort «C»
m3 2700; 3000; 4000; 5000; 6000 7500 4500
m3 1000; 1500; 1800; 2000

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The Offer to Our Partners

We are interested in bridging contacts with potential users of our production both in Russia and abroad. We have a successful experience of working with foreign customers on realization of dry and planed wares, we are interested in long-term contacts.

We have a special offer for building firms. We’ll be glad to fulfill your special orders in necessary volumes and nomenclature. We are ready for working to order. >>>

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